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Need a professionally scheduled programme to include in your tender bid submission?

It is becoming increasingly common practice for clients to request a pre-tender programme and outline method statements for inclusion within the priced bid submission.

We offer 2 levels of Service:
Service Level 1:

This is the simplest and most straightforward service - provide us with the information exactly as you wish it to be presented and we will format the data into a highly professionally presented activity bar chart.

Provide the information to us, via a word, excel, or hand written document simply defining each activity with its start date and duration in days. Also let us know how many days / nights of the week that can be worked.

Once the information has been received and payment made, we will produce the programme on your behalf and email this document back to you as a PDF. If you own ASTA PowerProject, and have this loaded onto your system, then we can send you the programme via this software. This will enable you to manipulate the programme and its data, if required, in the future. The programme can be personalised with company information, where necessary.

Cost of a professionally presented programme for upto 20 activity bars is £35 + VAT. Contact Us to Purchase
Cost of a professionally presented programme for upto 40 activity bars is £55 + VAT. Contact Us to Purchase
Example of simple colour coded programme
Service Level 2:
At this level we will actively assist you in the production of the construction programme you require. We will aid you in the analysis and evaluation of the data provided, to produce a professionally presented activity linked programme that will help your tender bid stand out from the rest. We are also able to prepare outline method statements and risk assessments covering all activities required.

Service level 2 is costed at an hourly rate. We will be able to give you a reasonable idea of the overall cost after an initial free consultation, without any obligation.

Contact us, for your free, no obligations consultation.